During spring of 2017 I interned as a Technical Game Designer for Stunlock studios and got a chance to work on their game Battlerite along with three other students. Together we worked on ideas and prototypes for new game modes. Some of these managed to make it to release as official custom game modes Including Bakkos Egg Brawl and Rocket Balloon Brawl. In-house we were called the "research and development" department and it is my opinion that our work there lead to Stunlock being confident in pursuing the creation of Battlerite Royale.

After our internship was over I got to continue working on Battlerite as a summerjob and had the oppurtunity to add new a playable champion to the roster. The concept was given to me along with a couple of suggestions for spells, the basic idea being a melee healer. It was a tough task and I don't think I completely nailed the execution. I learned a lot, specifically about making sure the design of an attack allows the player set up a new attack in interesting ways. I'm glad to see the champion being released and even though things have changed some of my work is still visible in the final design.