Super Cattitude

Another Game Maker project for school and this time we had to make a match-3 game or a "bejeweled clone". We had to choose a target audience and we aimed for casual gamers & cat-lovers. We brought casual gaming back to casual gamers.

Some other groups tried to turn bejeweled into a hardcore RPG but we stayed true to the original while adding a whole lot of flair.

We also added some interesting mechanics for example: If the time-bar gets too low another cat gets thrown into the mix making it harder to find 3 in a row. To prevent this from happening you get a time bonus anytime you get a "purrfect" combo.

Screenshots (Click image for full view):

This time I focused more on leading the group and creating things like the menu and the tutorial and let the other people in my group handle the programming.

Some of the feedback we got while making the game was that it lacked visual feedback so I spent some time working on adding screenshake, big colorful explosins, and text in rad colors.