After some shorter Unreal Engine projects we got an assignment where we had to create more of a "real" game.

My group (consisting of 2 designers and 1 programmer) didn't feel super comfortable with the new engine yet so we decided to aim for something small in order to get more familiar

So we decided to make a simple puzzle-platformer with a fun mechanic! You throw your hat and then press a button to instantly teleport to that location.

I think it turned out quite well, we didn't really have time to think about the graphics so they are a bit basic but the gameplay works really well.

It was one of the few games you could play from start to finish and most people did!

Screenshots (Click image for full view):

I worked mostly as a level designer on this project but me and the other designer came up with a few mechanics and enemies.

We got into a really nice flow where we made every other level for the game and when we needed a new feature we just contacted our programmer and told him to get on it.

It felt like "real" project. We had a pivotal tracker tasklist and everything!