Robotzar's Army

This was the final Game Maker Project where we got to present the final project to actual companies in Skövde which was really cool.

The group couldn't decide between a top-down shooter or a Tower defence so I suggested that we do both!

I'm really happy with the results! It feels quite polished even though it's obviously not a complete game. You can only place towers on certain points so after awhile you run out of things to do.

We had planned on adding tower upgrades and more levels but time restricted us.

Overall the game is simple but quite satisfying to play!

Screenshots (Click image for full view):

This time the teachers assigned a group leader and they didn't pick me but our gorup leader told me to handle the design and the rest of the group to focus on the programming.

I helped out with the programming here and there but mostly I focused on the graphical/game/UX design.

It was really fun to try and think of different enemies,towers, and other features to implement in the game

I think I made some mistakes, though, for example the button to start the next wave is almost hidden in the bottom-left corner and so many players didn't understand how to start the game.