This was the first Game Maker project and the goal was to take the game assigned to your group and create a clone of it, our group got Arkanoid. Of course we were allowed to change it and add new features but we still had to add arcade featrues hence the "insert coin".

My group thought it was boring how in the originial game you go from level to level but the mechanic is perfect for a "survive as long as possible" type game.

We also added permanent power-ups which made us think of it as a Roguelike mixed with Arkanoid.

Screenshots (Click image for full view):


On this project I did most of the work since I had the most experience with Game Maker.

After the project ended I realized that this was a mistake since I knew GM already I didn't learn a lot while making the game and the other people in the group didn't learn much from watching me code.

So on the other projects I focused more on being the project lead.